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Fillings, Inlays & Crowns and more

Small or moderately large cavities in front teeth can be beautifully restored with tooth colored (bonding) fillings. By layering and blending bonding materials, it is possible to achieve a beautiful, natural result.

In back teeth, chewing pressures and wear are much greater. Bonding materials don't last as long when placed in these posterior areas. Luckily, alternative materials are available which can better withstand the heavy biting and chewing in molars. Your Doctor can discuss pros and cons. In short, the larger a filling is in relation to the tooth, the more it and the tooth remnant will be stressed.

These longer lasting materials offer a greater measure of service and dependability in restoring a cavity in back teeth. These are called Inlays. In general, there are two types:

1) Milled Ceramic Inlays: These are more durable than bonding fillings. They are tooth colored, too.

2) Gold Inlays: These are also very durable, with many years of successful use.

An Onlay may be recommended when so much has been lost to decay or fracture that the surviving tooth remnant must be supported to avoid further fracture. An Onlay covers a cusp or cusps much like a snowcap covers the peak of a mountain. A Crown also serves to support and restore to function a severely damaged or weakened tooth. An Onlay differs from a Crown in that a Crown usually covers the entire tooth to the gumline; an Onlay does not. Onlays and Crowns are available in esthetic materials like ceramic, as well as gold.

Your Doctor will carefully explain factors influencing his decision to recommend a restoration for your tooth.

If your teeth have suffered extensive wear, breakdown, and failure of old fillings, reconstruction may be best to restore and recreate an attractive, comfortable smile. Drs. Sheerin and Wang are glad to make a careful analysis of the remaining teeth and recommend a custom- tailored restoration which will improve looks and function for years to come.