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Welcome to Sheerin & Wang Dental Group

Drs. Sheerin and Wang are proud to provide premier quality, high value dental care to our patients.  We give each person personalized, individualized attention and care which imparts beauty, possesses durability, and requires simple maintenance.  Our Doctors take many hours of advanced professional continuing education throughout the year in order to provide state of the art, precision dentistry.

Our Mission as your dental office is to help you maintain your own teeth, replace what is missing, and enhance your smile’s beauty.  In achieving better dental health, one’s general health improves too. Lastly, our goal is to protect your teeth and health for years of service.

Our patients’ Trust is foremost in our minds.  The practice was built and is sustained by word of mouth referrals from satisfied patients. It’s a tradition for almost 70 years! This Practice was started by Dr. Norman D. Shultz, who graduated the U.S.C. School of Dentistry in 1940.  Dr. Merle S. Glick graduated U.S.C. in 1951 and joined him soon after. Dr. Sheerin and Dr. Wang have since then continued and nurtured the ongoing growth of this family practice, satisfying patients, their families and their friends!

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