Your Initial New Patient Examination

Welcome to our office!  During your first visit, Drs. Sheerin and Wang will gladly discuss your concerns and questions regarding optimal dental health and beauty.  Your medical history will be carefully reviewed and your blood pressure will be checked (we gladly provide this health screening at every visit). 

We assess your head, neck, and TMJ areas as well as the inside of your mouth with a visual and tactile oral cancer examination.

Your gums’ condition will be evaluated.  We also will examine the condition of your teeth and their restorations (fillings, etc.).

In order for your Doctor to complete your examination and formulate a diagnosis (and when indicated, a plan of treatment), an evaluation of new or current x-ray images will be performed.  In addition to enabling early detection of decay which would otherwise be invisible to the eye, dental radiographs can also show evidence of other pathology such as infection or abscess in the jaw.



At your dental cleaning appointment, we routinely screen and evaluate your oral health, check your blood pressure, conduct a visual and tactile soft tissue examination and perform a detailed exam for periodontal (gum) health. All our dental hygienists have received advanced training in periodontal care and are happy to help maximize your dental health.


Our patients receive the benefit of the best and most successful whitening procedures.  We are proud Premier Providers of the Kor Whitening System.  Schedule your smile beautification upgrade today!

Dental x-rays

Drs. Sheerin and Wang use state of the art digital imaging to provide more detail with a fraction of the exposure of old- fashioned x-ray film.


We practice state of the art sterilization practices, and perform weekly spore checking tests to confirm efficient and absolute sterilization of our instruments.  Here’s how we maintain our commitment to your safety:

Stainless steel instrument cassettes are cleaned by a medical- grade washing machine. The cleaned cassettes are then wrapped, sealed and sterilized in an autoclave.  We proudly store our sterile instrument packs in a glass- fronted cabinet for all our patients to admire!

Fillings, Inlays, Crowns

When a tooth is decayed or broken, Drs. Sheerin and Wang will always take the time to explain the extent of the problem and recommend appropriate treatment choice(s) which will offer long- term health.

Bonding (White) fillings are best to fix a small chip or small spot of decay, in either front or back teeth.  In back teeth where the bite and chewing pressures are greater, Inlays, Onlays or Crowns in white or in gold reliably restore health, form and function. Again, your doctor will be happy to explain the benefits of treatment.


Whitening alone won’t satisfactorily improve your smile in the presence of visible old fillings, surface roughness or other physical defects.

Porcelain veneers are a beautiful way to create a spectacular smile. Veneers are custom- made, carefully fitted facings which provide years of beautiful smiles.

Endodontic (Root Canal) treatment

When the nerve of a tooth dies or becomes infected, endodontic treatment allows the tooth to be saved.   Often, a crown will be recommended to preserve and protect the treated tooth.

“So, what is an implant?”

A dental implant is an artificial root and tooth, which replaces a missing tooth. Much like a hip or knee replacement, this medical device replaces a missing natural tooth which, because of disease or fracture, cannot function normally any more. Specifically, the implant device is made up of an artificial root, or Implant, an extension of the root above the gum line, or Abutment, and a special type of implant Crown which replaces the visible part of the missing tooth.

“How does the process work?”

Your Doctor will make a special appliance which will guide the surgeon’s placement and location of your new tooth. Just as it is important to plant a row of trees correctly so that in time they grow properly, straight and look good together, this appliance, or STENT, is made with great precision so the resulting new tooth will not only blend and function well with your other teeth, but also will be easy to clean and maintain.

“How long does it take for me to get my tooth?”

It usually takes 4 to 6 months for an implant to be ready to restore. Expect to add a  few weeks after that for your Doctor to make the new tooth/teeth.

“Do I need to brush it? Can I get gum disease or a cavity?”

Even though your new tooth replacement is not a natural tooth, it still requires home care from you. Responsible flossing and brushing are important, as are regular professional cleanings. Like natural teeth, Implant teeth can suffer bone loss if they are not maintained regularly. Other factors such as smoking and frequent alcohol intake will be detrimental, too. Tooth grinding in particular can result in bone being lost around an implant tooth. Your Doctor can make a night appliance to lessen the effect of tooth grinding.

“How long will the Implant tooth last?”

With responsible home care and regular professional maintenance, success rates can exceed 95% over 5 to 10 years.

State of the Art Scanning Technology

Drs Sheerin and Wang can make a permanent digital record of your teeth with our scanning technology.  This is extremely safe, comfortable and accurate.  No longer will our patients dread enduring conventional goopy impressions!

Digital scans are critical for use in making and 3D printing study casts and records, making restorations, and surgical planning for dental implant placement.

Feel free to ask us about scanning.