Your Initial New Patient Examination

Welcome to our office!  During your first visit, Drs. Sheerin and Wang will gladly discuss your concerns and questions regarding optimal dental health and beauty.  Your medical history will be carefully reviewed and your blood pressure will be checked (we gladly provide this health screening at every visit). 

We assess your head, neck, and TMJ areas as well as the inside of your mouth with a visual and tactile oral cancer examination.

Your gums’ condition will be evaluated.  We also will examine the condition of your teeth and their restorations (fillings, etc.).

In order for your Doctor to complete your examination and formulate a diagnosis (and when indicated, a plan of treatment), an evaluation of new or current x-ray images will be performed.  In addition to enabling early detection of decay which would otherwise be invisible to the eye, dental radiographs can also show evidence of other pathology such as infection or abscess in the jaw.